Swapna Suresh- Kerala – Biography- Gold Smuggling


Who is Swapna Suresh ?

Swapna Suresh is the central figure in a gold scam that has broken out a huge political storm in Kerala. The political controversy also involves the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan.


She is an IT consultant working in the Chief Minister’s office of Kerala who has been caught by the customs department for smuggling over 30 KG of Gold. She was smuggling the gold in air compressors when she was caught at the New Delhi airport.

What is Swapna Suresh Gold Smuggling Scam ?

Swapna Suresh is the mystery woman associated with the gold scandal that has rocked Kerala. Who is Swapna Suresh? There is very little known about her except for the few pictures on the internet of her with the Kerala Chief Minister that has gone viral. Politics aside, this case is just like a Malayali movie and it’s full of twists and turns. She was running a gold smuggling operation in Kerala where she had access to UAE consulate. She had forged documents for the consulate and the consulate is investigating the matter right now.

Swapna Suresh has been missing in action and police is searching for her. She is born and raised in Abu Dabhi, Dubai and also married there to her boyfriend. Recently after her divorce she has been seen in Kerala frequently with the bigwigs of political parties. It is believed that she has several political connections that got her the job in first place.

In Kerala, sources claim that she was working with the UAE consulate from where she developed major contacts and a gang was developed. There is some evidence that the customs department were led to her through a series of caes especially through Mr.Satish. He is the one who is believed to have led police to her.