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Ruben Gundersen, YouTuber of the Year 2016, known by his nick name El Rubius, is the seventh most subscribed to YouTuber, with a mega 22 million subscribers to his channel. His ‘ElRubiusOMG’ channel is related to gameplays, vlogs, tours, challenges, question-answers and sketch comics. Alongwith with his best friend Miguel Angel the two have crossed all borders to garnernot only Spanish viewers but have also grabbed subscribers from all over the world.

His channel is the No.1 most subscribed YouTube channel in Spain. Thus, he was crowned the YouTuber of the Year in 2016. He has over 5 billion views for his 669 videos. On Instagram, he has 5 million followers and on Twitter he is breaking all charts with 8 million followers. Well we can’t get enough of this “Net Wiz” who has taken YouTube by storm.

For the first time, Ruben met Miguel Angel when he was 16 years old. They decided to start their own YouTube channel after discussing with Miguel. The duo had a hilarious timegaming together and decided to share their laughter with the world. His first video was uploaded in 2006 under the banner of his first channel ‘ElRubius.’

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