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Nordan Shat also known as FaZe Rain, is a very famous YouTuber known for his incredible gaming skills that are on full display on his channel. His channel has over 4 million subscribers right now.

FaZe Rain is just 20 years old with gaming background probably as heavy as the professionals! Often sharing his videos on different gaming channels like Trickshotting and OMFGRain, Nordan’s fans just can’t get enough of him!

Unlike other famous gamers, Nordan’s gaming channel isn’t a result of his dream or passion since childhood. His gaming journey began after taking the advice of his therapist. Most of Nordan’s childhood was spent in despair as his parents argued and fought a lot. All this emotional drama took a toll on his grades and he found himself entangled in depression and sadness. After his dad left without a trace, Nordan was surrounded by loneliness and thought that overdosing on Advil will bring a brief respite to this sordid life he was leading.

After the 1 week treatment in the hospital following his failed attempt to take his life, Nordan sought the help of a therapist and things took a better turn ever since. On her advice of starting a new hobby, Shat began watching ‘YouTube’ and in just a matter of time, he was inspired to no end to start a channel of his own.

FaZe Rain Youtuber Wiki-Biography-Age-Weight-Height-Profile Info.


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